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The golden rule is to produce lots of great content and be very focused about where you place that content.  However there’s a bit more to it than just producing great content – so in a series of blogs I’m going to share with you some golden rules on succeeding in PR.

Firstly – Why use a PR agency?

People employ the skills of a PR agency for many reasons.  In our industry it’s usually about building a brand, raising awareness for vendors from the US or Israel as they enter new markets or regions and want to create a buzz in the media.  Other companies are keen to raise their name to the top of the Google rankings and beat their competitors with publicity, or they could be preparing for an IPO or desire to be noticed by venture capitalists or potential trade buyers. Whatever the reason it always comes down to companies wanting to ensure that more people see them in the right media, so more people come knocking on their door.  I’d say that’s a good enough reason to employ a PR agency.

They say that editorial is worth 5 times more than advertising because people believe what they read whereas with advertising they know it’s contrived to make them buy the product or service.  However with PR the agenda is hidden as the editorial has been written by a journalist so it’s got to be true – hasn’t it?

The other reason why it’s worth employing a PR agency is that they can reap dividends for you and are much cheaper than using an advertising agency.  Often even the smallest of ads can amount to two or three thousand pounds.  If you take a retainer with a PR agency it may only cost £3,000-£7,000 a month but you could get 50 to 100 pieces of editorial which is incredibly valuable in increasing your brand awareness and building your market share.  I’d say if you have the budget a mix of both advertising and PR is the perfect combination.

A good PR agency that is specialised and experienced in your space can also add a great deal of industry insight and help with all sorts of management issues – many of our clients use us as a sounding board for many a creative idea.  We’re often called into management meeting so that we can offer an objective point of view as we can see the company from the outsider’s perspective.

Also companies reach out to PR agencies because they just don’t have the man hours to do the PR themselves or they don’t have the contacts with the key press.  If you’re working with a specialist PR agency they are on the phone or emailing the key journalists every day and have a rapport with them, which is something that takes a very long time to build up and is worth its weight in gold if you’re trying to get decent coverage in tier one publications.

PR is time consuming and you need to be on the case all the time – in our business, stories are breaking throughout the day so you have to be following twitter feeds and newswires constantly to make sure you’re not missing any opportunities – often PR is just one of the many functions of an in-house marketing department so the in-house PR person just doesn’t have the bandwidth to follow all the potential stories that a PR agency does.

If you do want to build your profile and you are a company that is on the up or even a company that’s on the down and needs to make sure they reverse that process a PR agency can help to build your profile and be noticed.  There’s nothing nicer than getting those Google alerts with your name mentioned in them or even better when your PR agency rings you to tell you you’re going to be on the BBC – it’s those days you reflect on and look forward to telling your kids or even grand-children about!

In my next blog I’ll be talking about how to go about choosing the right PR agency for you.

I came across a very interesting blog recently by Cindy Kim on ‘The Future of PR – How PR Firms Can Get on the Ball!’

It is well worth a read if you are interested in how to approach Social Media PR, I whole heartedly agree with all that Cindy has written and would add that when incorporating social media communication into the Marcomms strategy the organisation needs to get involved from the CEO to tech support. Much in the way that if IT is implemented to effect change management without the buy in from the business units and the executive team, social media interactions must follow through the culture of the organisation. There is always innate talent in an organisation which social media has the power to free and give voice to. It is even more important in social media interaction for all communication to be consistent, honest, and get your message across, to do this there must be fundamental buy in from the top down. Every employee can potentially become an ambassador for your organisation, so an internal comms campaign is essential to support their efforts.

Neil Stinchcombe – Director

I’m truly excited. Today we’ve just issued our first web 2.0 social media press release for Credant Technologies, who I thank for allowing us to use them as our first client to try out this new technology which has been sent out alongside the traditional release to all those other press who still prefer a traditional lay-out. We’ve produced a video and a cartoon to accompany the release and it looks fab (can I say that myself?). The story is a goodie too – Quarter of people admit they spend 2-6 hours a week working in bed, 57% of their partners hate them for it and most are using their devices which are stuffed full of sensitive data with very little security. See the link
The bloggers are going to love this story and we’re hoping to get it on TV and radio. That’s the beauty of these survey releases – you never know who is going to run with them. You spend days priming the press and hoping they’ll run with the story – then it’s a bit like a snowball you have to watch it gather moss and it can take days before you can say ‘hey presto’ you’ve got a biggie in The Times or on the BBC website. There is no greater pleasure in the world when you get national coverage for a story that you’ve dreamed up to get your clients names ‘in lights’. So I’ve done my bit, I’ve spoken to all the influential journalists there are to speak to, I’ve sent the release out globally and now it’s a waiting game – a nerve racking, but exhilarating one, but what PR is all about. It’s all about thinking out of the box and making Credant in this instance, the news of the day, the talk of the town, the end point data security specialists that everyone’s talking about! They’ve been prepared to try something new and invest in a video and cartoon to make this story have even greater legs – we’ve worked as a partnership and that’s what successful PR is all about – working with your clients, having fun coming up with concepts, executing them and trying something absolutely new that you hope will fly. Watch this space – because I think this will be a biggie!

Yvonne Eskenzi – Director