It’s always a thrill when a new client comes on board at Eskenzi, and our excitement definitely peaked when we were approached by threat intelligence rock stars, ThreatConnect, to take on a PR project around this year’s Infosecurity Europe. They were looking for us to schedule them as many briefings as possible at the show, with both journalists and analysts, and to establish their spokespeople as thought leaders and build brand awareness by having them commenting on breaking news stories with expert opinion and advice.


Here’s just a snapshot of the results so far.

  • 17 interviews scheduled, including The Financial Times, Reuters, Forbes, Sky News and International Business Times.
  • 40 pieces of coverage, including appearing twice in The Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday.
  • 28 rapid response opportunities given in under 3 weeks – and what’s even more impressive is that they have had a 100% success rate! This means that every comment they have given, and we’ve pitched, has been used by various publications. Just to give you an idea, a single comment given  on the latest breach at LinkedIn has resulted in 17 pieces of coverage!


What a great 3 weeks is has been!

After being the previous PR agency for Infosecurity for 17 years, it feels like our second home, especially now it’s back at Olympia. This year we have 12 clients at the show, with a total of 80 interviews so far.  We host the Infosecurity press lunch at the Chesterfield Pub for 20 or so journalists who use the opportunity to get away from the razzmatazz and chaos of the show to relax over a proper lunch and interview our clients.  On average our clients get around 7 press interviews at the show as well as a number of press hits before the show – which we think is vital to bringing the visitors onto their  stand.  Our clients rarely finish a month without being mentioned at least 20 times in the press!  Do your current PR agency achieve that sort of level of PR for you?

If not why not take the opportunity of meeting Yvonne and Neil our founders at Infosecurity to find out how we could help you with PR, CISO meetings, analyst briefings and building your presence across Europe and into the US.  We not only have offices in London, Paris and Munich but have two offices now in the US one on the East Coast and the other in Berkley, San Francisco.  If you’d like to be one of the most quoted names in the cyber-security industry you can be with the right PR agency behind you – call us on 0207 1832 832 to make an appointment or email

Following on from the success of the first Security Serious Week last October, we will once again be organising another week to encourage UK plc to become more serious about security!  Last year’s week of webinars, events and debate was hugely popular with our community, with thousands of people tuning in online to learn from the best in the biz and hundreds more attending physical events across the UK to help spread security knowledge and make the UK a safer place to live, work and play online.

The campaign is going to be bigger and better than last year and we’d love it if you were able to come on board and support us!


Here are some of the ways you can be part of our campaign:

  1. Run an interesting webinar

We can host it for you for free via our IT security guru BrightTALK channel.  If you present a webinar we will promote it for you on the website and display your logo on the sponsor page.  The sooner we promote this the more people will register.

  1. Become one of 10 Gold Sponsors for as little as £2,750, which

will grant you coverage on the front page of the website and supporters’ page, being featured in all promotional materials and being referenced in all media outreach. Gold sponsors will also be given a free booth at the Security Serious Conference and receive all the details of those in attendance as leads.

  1. Enter your staff, partners and customers into the new Security

Serious Unsung Heroes Awards on 6th October – recognising all those who are heroes in our industry doing good behind the scenes – it’s free to enter and free to come along – no strings attached.  To enter go to You can also follow the awards @unsung_heroes16.

  1. Promote Security Serious Week at the end of your emails, in your

newsletters and basically everywhere to get people thinking more seriously about security – if you want the logo please email me at


Of course you may have another idea about how you can support Security Serious – we’re always open to new ideas so do please send them to us!

We need your help to make this campaign a success, so please tell your friends, colleagues and customers about it so that we can make this a special event for our community. You can follow the campaign and get the latest news by following @SecSerious and @unsung_heroes16. The sooner you enter yourself for webinars and register as a supporter, the sooner we can start publicising your involvement in the campaign and help the UK get serious about security.


We look forward to hearing from you,

The Security Serious Team

After the first day of Infosecurity, there’s nothing nicer than relaxing with a cool beer and a few delicious snacks – don’t you agree?  So come and let your hair down, relax with like-minded people and eat and drink  in a really lovely pub at the Eskenzi Infosecurity party – last year over 100 people turned up including CISOs, press, analysts, bloggers and of course our fabulous clients and friends.  It’s always great fun so we’d love to have you join us from 6pm until 9pm.

The party has kindly been sponsored by a number of Eskenzi PR clients including: AlienVault, Bromium, Corero, Firemon, Imperva, Lastline, PRPL Foundation, Tripwire, Varonis, PhishMe and ThreatConnect.

If you’d like to join us please RSVP to

Eskenzi PR, the consultancy behind Security Serious Week has today announced a brand new awards scheme called the Security Serious Unsung Heroes Awards  which is now open for entries!    Run for the first time in 2016, the awards are designed to recognise the people, not products, on the front lines of organisations who battle cyber threats, often saving the bacon of the companies they work for.  The Unsung Heroes Awards will take place on Thursday 6th October, during Security Serious Week – a week dedicated to events put on by cyber-security experts to encourage others in business to take cyber-security more seriously.

“The awards are designed to give the “unsung heroes” in  IT security  the recognition that they deserve for (often) going above and beyond the call of duty and saving their organisations from the likes of hackers, malware and virus infections,” said Yvonne Eskenzi, Director of Eskenzi PR.  “After twenty years in the industry, we’ve noticed that awards in our sector tend to focus on technology, which is all well and good, but we also know that getting these technologies to work as they’re supposed to and getting the word out about cyber security threats is just as important – and that takes a person or team to make it happen successfully.”

Security Serious Week, runs from 3rd October to 7th October – and will have over 50 free webinars hosted by cyber-security experts to encourage others to become more security savvy.  Last year over  2,500 people participated in the 45 free webinars and this year the organisers are hoping to exceed the number of webinars as well as organising a subsidised cyber-security conference on Monday 3rd October at the Department of Culture, Media and Sports, finishing the week celebrating with all the great work that the cyber-security professionals have contributed to doing at the Unsung Heroes Awards.

These unique awards are free to enter and attend.  The categories are now open for nominations until 1st July 2016 and include:

  • CISO Supremo (sponsored by Varonis)
  • Godfather of Security (sponsored by GSK)
  • Security Avengers (sponsored by Lastline)
  • Best Security Awareness Campaign (sponsored by Publicis Groupe)
  • Social Media Saviour (sponsored by Proofpoint)
  • Mobile Mogul (sponsored by whiteCryption)
  • Security Leader (sponsored by Acumin)
  • Cloud Security Superhero (sponsored by Mimecast)
  • Fraud Fighter (sponsored by Imperva)
  • Game Changer (Sponsored by CrowdStrike)
  • Marathon (Wo)Man (sponsored by Eskenzi PR)
  • Spidey Sense (Sponsored by AlienVault)
  • Captain Compliance (Sponsored by NetSkope)

If you are interested in entering  the Security Serious Unsung Heroes Awards or participate in Security Serious Week please visit

When you’ve been on the block as long as we have, you start to get a sixth sense for when a story is going to go from the periphery to the spotlight. One such opportunity came in on Monday, when we got wind of a story that phones may lead paper passports to be redundant. This was following a French firm’s decision to begin developing digital passports.

We immediately brewed an industrial amount of coffee and forwarded the news to our clients, asking for comments to come in double quick-time. Thankfully we work with some fantastic companies, who agreed this was a good story to be part of the conversation on and were able to get top-quality insights to us in a snap. The Eskenzi team was soon armed with expert comments and so we began targeting our friends in the press.

Going the extra mile first thing on a Monday is never easy, but we soon began to see the results. By lunchtime we’d secured our clients coverage in the Daily Mail, the Telegraph and the International Business Times. It wasn’t long before the tech press picked up on the comments and we started seeing some familiar names appearing in InfoSecurity Magazine, IT Pro Portal and Information Security Buzz. We realised we were onto something when Fortune Magazine picked up the story and included our clients!

Not bad for a Monday morning, but we didn’t think that we’d gotten the most out of the comments, and after some more targeted outreach, we saw our clients’ names appearing again and again as the story took off. All told, we secured placement in over 50 publications – here’s the full list:

The TelegraphFortune, International Business Times UK, InfoSecurity Magazine, IT Pro PortalIndependent Ireland, Yahoo News India, International Business Times India, PC Mag India, Gizmodo UK, Gizmodo India, Herald Sun, My Informs, Skype Bookings, Horizon Asia, Gadgets 360, Networked India, Techislet, The Statesman, Information Security BuzzToday Online, Travel and Leisure, Mena FN, India Online, New Kerala, Daiji World, Net India, The Siasat Daily, Zee News, Business Today, Silicon India, Khaleej Times, Business Standard, India TV News, Web India 123, Gizbot, News of Bahrain, Morung Express, Nagal and Post, Hand Picked Media, Northern California News, Explorer Hacker 21, JCC Tech, Hack Busters, New World Wide Technology, The Hans India, Liverostrum, India Trending Now, Aims Education, Mobile Business Insights, Booking Odds, Yulman, Trans Asian News, Conde Nast Traveler and Tech Spot

Go Eskenzi!



Do you remember the day when you got your dream car? How much fun you had driving around in it!  Then, slowly, the feeling started to wear off and you wanted something shinier, faster and smarter!  In fact, if you’re in sales, you’ll know that feeling you get when you are chasing the next big deal you get a huge kick when you bag it, but it only lasts a while before you’re after the next deal.


Well PR is a bit like that too, where you are constantly striving for, and demanding, the next big piece of coverage – the big national, TV or radio placement!  The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow! No longer are we just happy with getting into the trade publications; we don’t feel like we’ve achieved true greatness unless we get into the nationals.


It’s an addiction! An obsession! And we suffer from it here at Eskenzi!  What’s even worse our clients also suffer from it.  It’s totally contagious, chasing the next big story for that fantastic fix. You get it once and you want more and more!


The funny thing is that most of our clients come to us very disheartened about PR. They’ve often been let down by their PR agencies, and don’t really believe that they can get great press coverage day in and day out!  So, when they initially start with Eskenzi PR, they are delighted when they get into the likes of SC Magazine, Infosecurity, TechWeek Europe, ComputerWorld and Computer Weekly.  But then they want more! They start loving the idea that they’re seeing hits to their website going up day by day and then peaking when they get a great piece published.  Then they get into the likes of The Register, V3 or TechCrunch and still want more! Their sales teams start congratulating the marketing and PR teams, which we all know is virtually unknown for sales to do, because when they turn up at meetings prospective customers have heard their company name and are happy to talk to them.  They see the power of PR.


Then the icing on the cake happens. We get them a hit in the FT – the golden chalice!  Everyone jumps for joy!  They send out emails to the company, their customers and go home feeling proud that they’ve done a great day’s work!  It’s just the best feeling in the world – a buzz that nothing can compare to!  Then they want even more, we want more and so it happens. The next week’s coverage is just ten nice hits in the trades, but they want the nationals,. In fact they want TV.  And we then have to remind them that PR is all about peaks and troughs –good constant regular coverage in the tech press is just as important as the giant, circulation nationals!


Thankfully, at Eskenzi we can provide balance at the same time as maintaining our clients need for the big high!  Maybe that’s why our clients stay with us for an average of seven years.


This week alone, we got three clients mentioned in the FT, three different ones mentioned in the Guardian and The Times, and ITV are doing a programme with one of our clients next week. That is all on top of 330 pieces of coverage this week in the trades (and we’re talking The Register, Huffington Post, BBC.)


This week is no different to any other – I’d actually say it’s been quite a quiet one, as some weeks we can get 120 hits in one day! I hope, though, that we never get tired of the kick we get for our clients, nor should our clients ever get blasé with the coverage – we love it, we’re proud of it and I know they are too!  Who’d have ever thought that IT security PR would be such fun  and keep providing the constant buzz it does?!

In November we gained a new client called CertiVox; a Shoreditch-based cyber security company with a big vision to change the whole structure of the internet. In what we thought would be a normal meeting to get to know our new client, we were left gobsmacked at the big ideas and goals that this start-up had. The CertiVox CEO told us that trust on the internet is broken but he has a solution to fix it, as simple as that. It didn’t take us long to realise that this would be a very exciting client to work with, they had clear goals in mind and they wanted our help to achieve them.

CertiVox wanted a makeover and rebranding to become MIRACL. Our job was to take this new name that no one had heard of before and turn it into a well-known and trusted company. As if this wasn’t a mammoth enough job, it had to be done in time for their next round of funding this February.

In the first few days of working with MIRACL, before we had even met them properly, M&S had some technical glitches. So we practically threw the MIRACL CEO into a cab to the ITV News film crew in London to discuss the breach on national television. Not a bad way to kick off work with a new client.

Once we had time to catch our breath after the excitement of ITV news, we sat down and came up with a PR strategy to match MIRACL’s ambitions. We decided on a timeline to issue press releases surrounding MIRACL’s partnerships and work with big companies such as NTT and Experian. What we found particularly interesting was that Experian had selected MIRACL’s M-Pin technology to provide secure authentication for the millions of UK citizens who use the Gov.Verify service to log into any government activity websites such as DVLA and HMRC.

This coincided nicely with the tax return deadline of January 31st which would require anyone filing their tax return online to login using the Gov.Verify service. So we came up with the idea to carry out a survey on scams around tax returns. We then turned this into two press releases which achieved 180 pieces of coverage in publications such as the Metro, Yahoo News and MSN.

While all this was happening, we were also looking out for news stories around certificate authorities on which MIRACL could comment so that their voice can be heard on the issue, and it certainly has been in publications like SC Magazine and TechCrunch. Of course we also provided comment opportunities on big news stories in the industry such as the recent report which found that “123456” was still the most popular password. This achieved 30 pieces of coverage including the Guardian, Mirror and Metro (again!).

There was also the recent HSBC Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack; terrible publicity for HSBC but great exposure for MIRACL’s CEO whose comments were included in publications such as International Business Times and Computer Business Review. On the following Saturday we had a call from a small television channel you may have heard of called BBC, asking for someone to talk about the Lincolnshire county council ransomware incident. We managed to convince the reporter to send a cameraman to Brian’s house for some ‘on the ground’ reporting and before we knew it, MIRACL’s CEO was on the evening news.

With appearance in online and print publications, television and radio and over 300 pieces of coverage for MIRACL since we started work for them in November, I think it is fair to say we have got their name out there loud and clear for the next round of funding and we don’t plan on stopping any time soon.


At the end of last week, The Guardian reported that Ofcom, the media regulator, had suffered the biggest breach in its history involving the misuse of data that was downloaded by an employee before leaving the company. The former employee offered a large amount of sensitive information to his new employee, a major broadcaster.

One of Eskenzi’s most long standing clients, Varonis, has a suite of solutions that would have prevented this type of breach, so it was a shoe in to offer them this story to issue commentary and advice on.

Eskenzi prides itself in keeping what’s known as a ‘comment bank’ for each client. This is a document that contains every single approved comment by each client. As preventing insider threat attacks are core to what Varonis does, we had a wealth of existing comments on the topic. Within less than half an hour of sending Varonis the story, and a proposed comment drafted from the comment bank, we had approval and the pitching began.

We had phenomenal results from these comments, with Varonis seeing 7 pieces of tier 1 coverage in less than two hours. Publications included Huffington Post, SC Magazine, The Inquirer and IT PRO.

Keeping a comment bank allowed us to start pitching comments in record time. It’s far quicker and easier for the client if we can send them a draft as starting point. This means they can simply approve (or edit), rather than coming up with something from scratch each time.

You may or may not have heard the news last week that a Snapchat HR employee fell for a phishing email in which a cyber criminal impersonated Snapchat’s CEO asking for employee payroll information. Worryingly, the employee was unable to recognise that this was a scam and gave the criminals the payroll information of present and former employees.

As no customer details were disclosed we knew that this wouldn’t be a huge story, yet as Snapchat is one of the most popular and wide spread apps on the market, it was a relatively safe bet to assume this would be written about. So we shared the story with our clients and Jonathan Sander, VP of Product Strategy at Lieberman Software came back with a great comment explaining that “the fact that Snapchat got snagged with this shows that being young, cool, and high tech doesn’t protect you from being a phishing target” and even millennials with their tech savviness will not be putting cybercriminals out of the phishing business.


Jonathan’s interesting comments achieved coverage in the Guardian, Computer Business Review, International Business Times and three other publications. Proofpoint also provided comments on the story which outlined just how sophisticated phishing attacks have become that even with training, people can still be fooled. These achieved coverage in Tech Week Europe and Information Security Buzz.

At Eskenzi we also get tens of phishing emails each day and we also received emails impersonating our CEO asking us to transfer money. Luckily, we were able to spot the scam however if we had fallen for it, it could have been detrimental to our agency. So while the Snapchat story resulted in good coverage for our clients we urge businesses to provide appropriate and ongoing training on how to spot even the most sophisticated attempts and plead everyone to be alert to suspicious emails.


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